“This goes to 11! A new breed of authentic rock n’ roll for those who have been missing the real thing for a long, long time!”

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megaphoto**SUPA DAVE (WJRR) – “Orlando and the WORLD finally get another dose of Megaphone. EXTREMELY excited to have them back! Can’t wait for these new tunes to hit the airwaves!”

DAVID TRAVER (Blue Man Group) – “I’ve been listening to Megaphone’s “Exit Silent Mode” a lot lately. There’s so much energy in those tunes!” 

CHANCE (singer, songwriter, performer) – “Megaphone reminds me of all the good things of growing up on rock n roll. Not a throwback, but a focused rock band like Foo Fighters, one that never loses sight of melody. And ridiculous live!”

As one reviewer put it, “Megaphone finds a nice comfortable blend of kick you in the gut, Mama said I shouldn’t listen to this, guitar rock with enough hooks and pop nuances to entice commercial rock fans.”   Once touted as the reigning princes of Orlando’s hard rock scene, their high energy live shows have landed them opening spots for Paul Stanely, Joe Perry, 7 Mary 3 , Ace Frehley and direct support for AC/DC on their last US show with the original line up. If you’re a fan of bands like Cheap Trick, Lit, Stone Temple Pilots, Foo Fighters, Marvelous 3 and others like them, megaphone is a must!

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