Many Orlando local music fans may know megaphone founding member Matt Bloodwell as the former drummer for Precious. What they didn't know is that he has been, almost secretly, writing songs for years. In October of 2003, Matt left Precious to put together a band around the music he had been writing. "I kinda felt like, if I wanted people to take me seriously as a song writer I had to do something completely different. At the same time, this is something I've always wanted to do." With a handful of self-produced songs, Matt put down his sticks, picked up a guitar and went looking for the right players. "I knew exactly what I wanted and I had a pretty good idea of who could pull it off. Now it was just a mater of are they going to like the material?" Guitarist Paul Smith, who has worked with 7 mary 3, was just come'n off the road with Von Ray in support of their first Electra release when drummer Matt Brown turned him on to Bloodwells' demos. Matt Brown had been the drummer for 3AE signed to RCA before tragedy ended the band to soon. Matt Brown joined megaphone and was with the band till March of 2007 when he was replaced by former Corie Yarkin drummer Scott Smith.
"I did back flips when I found out bass player James Woodrich from My Hotel Year was not only available but also interested in the project." With James finishing off the line up, megaphone had become kind of an Orlando super-group. "Everyone in this band has had such a great history individually, our hope is that our future together will be even better."
On August 12th 2004 megaphone played their first show at Wills Pub with New Roman Times and Spacebar. Since then, they have had air play on Real Rock 101.1, O-Rock 105.9 and WPRK 91.5, they have played on nearly every rock stage in Orlando, and have opened for such acts as Paul Stanely, The New Left, Edwin McCain, and 7 Mary 3.